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More Shipping Progress

USPS Shipping Options Now Combining As Expected!

We’ve Had a few people chime in to let us know that combined shipping was not happening on checkout! You probably didn’t notice this if you were only purchasing one item, and it has now processed correctly. We have since corrected the issue for the USPS shipping option but are still working on the UPS side! We hope to have this issue resolved later today! Please consider this during checkout and know that we’re actively working to resolve the issue!

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New Products Listed, Shipping Options Expanded, Price Drops On Cabinets and a Big Sale This Weekend

We’re bursting at the seems! We’ve continuing to add items to the site and now have a $5 bin of sorts to help you get to the ez items you check out the most! We just added more amps and cabinets to the mix. We added a cool head shell that could be used to build a nice bassman or MIG clone! There’s still more to go, but we’re cutting through it!

A special thank you to many of you that have reached out to let us know what you like, don’t like and what needs fixing! We’re continuing to build based on your feedback so stay tuned for misc. updates to the overall look and performance of the site.

Shipping options are now expanded for USPS and UPS! Live rates are posting as anticipated! Since this is now functioning, we’ve been able to go back and do pricing adjustments across the board! Check out each category for current pricing as of today 02/09/2017! We’ve done the research and can’t find pricing even close, anywhere on the web!

Cabinets are starting to fill in nicely! Now you can see the absurd pricing we can sell them at! They’re all excellent for either intended use, or modification for your build! If you need specific dimensions for mounting purposes, or if something looks close, feel free to contact us! The chat button does work even if it shows us offline at the moment!

Finally, this weekend, do something for the TRUE Love in your life: Building Stuff!! Sales on the site are up to 50% on certain categories! Add items to your wish list to check back on! Sale Starts Tomorrow at 6AM PST and goes until 11.59PM PST Sunday! Many of these items are singular quantity, Don’t miss out!!

Thanks to all again for your ongoing support and make sure to check us out on our social sites at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for special announcements, to ask questions, and get additional incentives!

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Epiphone Combo Amps and Site Update

Today we’ll have a couple of combos up by Epiphone and a few more cabinets and projects to post! Price Check!  Also got a note about our picture plug in not working so well on mobile, so we’re looking into that now to see if there’s something wrong of if it’s just bad code.  Either way, should be fixed today!

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Cabinet Blowout Coming Today!


Hey All,

We’ll be adding a new category today of cabinets! All of these cabinets are 11ply birch and are available in many different shape and sizes, as well as different applications! They are not new, they have miscellaneous evidence of use, but there will be plenty of photos to examine before you buy! There will be a coupon code available on our instagram and facebook page especially for this category, so go check us out, like/follow us, and make sure to enter the code at check out to get the discount! Thanks so much for all of the ongoing support! #ubghifive!

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Pickups and Tubes Super Sale Bonanza!


You may have seen the listings for single coil and humbucker pickups as well as the array of amp tubes we listed yesterday and said to yourself ‘Dang… that’s cheap.’ Well you’re right. They’re very cheap! Due to the volume of inventory we have of these items, we’re offering even steeper discounts than what is being advertised when you buy 3 or more quantities! Save up to 30% on each of these skus and buy in bulk! The best part? They all Ship FREE! Yay! Have a great day and stay tuned for more listings as we continue to post here and on FB, Instagram and Twitter!

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‘Free Shipping’ Selection Progress



Just an update that we’re working on the ‘free shipping’ option not popping up right now on some of the items we have listed!  If you’re attempting to check out with items that have Free Shipping in the title and description, and the option doesn’t populate, select ‘local pickup’ and we’ll ship from there!  We will update when this issue is fully resolved!

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Bulk Discount Pricing Now Up! Most Ship Free!


Just a quick note that we have implemented the 3/8/10 Incentive for 10/20/30% off respectively! It’s easy to save! Just order a minimum of 3 of the same product on most of our amp and guitar parts and begin to save! Watch the savings really jump when you buy in multiples of 10! Most of these items already ship free, so buy with confidence!

We’ve also implemented what we’re calling ‘Builder Packs’! Buy four of our Guitar shells and save 10%!

We’re continuing to add more items every day at amazing, nowhere else prices! Enjoy the savings, share with your friends! And thanks for the continued support!