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This Week! Select Item Sales Category, Luthier’s Only Category, Final Price Items

Happy Monday Y’all!

A Couple Items for this Week You May Wanna Check Out:

Select Item Sales Category – This category is all the items we have in bulk that we want to periodically run sales on to make more room for stuff! These are hand picked, but will be in its own section so the items are easy to find and checkout with.

Luthier’s Only Category – This category is for the builders and craftsmen out there. These are guitar components that need some TLC. Broken necks, chips, bad paint, etc. The prices will be liberating! All high quality materials at a drastic discount!

Final Price Items – We’re making a new category for items that are toward the end of our quantities that will likely not be replenished! Kind of a blowout to end all blowouts section of the site!

Check back in for new product additions as well! We’ll be adding new inventory everyday this week!

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It’s The Last Day of Our 10/10 Sale Weekend!

You guys are awesome! It seems like you dig this sale a lot and we’re stoked to see that! Take the rest of the day to shop and checkout on your preferred items! We’ll plan to do another sale like this in the future!

Sneak Peak to Next Week! 36W EL84 Head Chassis, Partially Completed VHT Standard 36 heads (NEW), Mahogany Les Paul Two Color Burst Shells, Two Color Burst Strat Bodies, More Amp Prototypes for Parts and Working, B stock surplus amps, Introducing ‘Bags of Tubes’ – mystery stock piles of tubes for the serious builder/designer!, and more!

Thanks for all the support guys! We’re taking your feedback and adding improvements to the site everyday! Double check shipping rates as well on items that may have seemed too pricey in the past! We’ve updated a lot of custom box and shipping options now that we have our own packaging to help bring costs down to reality!

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10/10 Sales Weekend Starting Now! Plus New Products and Vintagy Pulls; Site Updates

Hi All!

Site Updates:

VERY IMPORTANT: It has been brought to our attention that when ordering multiple packages, the ‘packages’ part, in regard to quantity, doesn’t show up! So if you order two guitar packages, only one set of ‘package’ parts shows up in the rest of the cart. Make sense? No, it doesn’t. This is a new issue we’re working on now. HOWEVER, the proper quantities DO show up on our packing list orders. Also, we’ve talked as a team and all are aware that each shell has some sort of package associated with it, so unless the customer gives explicit instructions NOT to ship the extras, we assume that regardless of quantities listed, guitar packages go out based on gross order quantity and not individual quantities.

This Weekend Sale!

Our first ever 10/10 Sale is here, Starting NOW! Yay! How does it work, you ask?! Spend $10 on the site and save 10%! Good for up to $100!! Order $250 worth of stuff, save $25 right off the top! How cool is that?! There’s NO code to enter or anything! The credit is automatically applied to your cart at checkout!

New Products Added

We just added some oddball, one off items and people are already picking them up! Shop through guitar and amp parts, bodies and more sections of the site to find some pretty cool pickups and bridge deals!

We Need Your Feedback!

We just did a slight site update, just to get the categories displayed a little better while you shop. Be advised that there will be a bigger update in the coming weeks to prepare for another shipment and streamline inventory and order entry options! Please let us know what you think of the site improvements and if there are any ‘bugs’ or issues with the site! Thanks for all of the support guys! Enjoy the sale this weekend and Stay tuned as we continue to add more gear to the end of the month!

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We Found More Offset Cases!

Hi Guys!

We found six more offset tweed cases for Fender by G&G!  These are the real deal, beautiful cases with locking hardware, royal red plush interior, fresh keys and a handy interior compartment!  These were originally shipped with the Fender Select lines!  They are new!  These are part of the very last of our big Buyout with Fender from last year!  We sold through them pretty fast!  We’re moving stuff around today, turned a corner and BINGO, there were six sitting aside!  Check em out, while they last!

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Shipping Policy, Terms of Use, Privacy and Returns and Credits Documents are Now Published!

Hi All,

Someone asked what our return policy was over the weekend and I realized we hadn’t posted anything like that yet.  So I fixed it!  Take a look at these documents in the footer section of our home page to get a better idea of what you’re getting into when you use the site and buy from us!  Any questions?  We’re always here!  Talk soon!!

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More Shipping Bugs Resolved and More Inventory Up!

Hi Guys,

I want to say thanks to everyone for keeping up with us on shipping bugs that pop up seemingly at random around different parts of the site!  It’s really a big help, so if you see something, message us!  Some stuff is heavy and big and just expensive to ship, but the little stuff should be fairly economical to ship just about anywhere.  Anyway, we completed some testing after making adjustments over the weekend and things seem to be functioning as intended.

Pedals and transformers went up finally as well!  Check those out!  Pulled transformers are starting at $4.99!  Pretty nice for DIY!  We also added the BBE Acoustimax Pedals to our list as well!  Stay tuned this week for more gear getting loaded up as we continue to break down pallets!

We went ahead and made some improvements to the menu area of the front page and organized the categories down a little more to help with some of the departments that go on for pages and pages.  Hopefully this will help you find what you’re looking for faster!  We’re working on our tags as well to make the search bar better functioning as well.  Let us know if there are other areas we should pay attention to!  We’re still working on photos for mobile and zoom in, but that should be corrected shortly!

Have a great week!

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Mystery Transformers and BBE Later Today

Hi All!

Hope you’re enjoying our new BOGO and Packages categories. They’re a little sparse at the moment but rest assured, these categories will continue to grow as we continue to find more and more and more and more! Our pedal and amps collection is starting to fill out nicely with the recent purchase made last week! We’re working on finalizing another great buyout to complete hopefully by March. It’s a big one! Stay tuned!

For today, were uploading some 12w and 36w transformers that were previously installed into something at some point…haha! We see that these transformers are functioning, have heater wire and the 36w units we’ve found are universal voltage units!

We also have some str8 up mystery transformers. We presume they are for tube amps based on leads and the nature of the buy, but that’s for you to find out! $5? Let’s do it! Ships fast in our new and improved packaging and no more bent ‘feet’!

We found a little load of BBE products that are working and practically new that were going to pop up today as well! New and working isn’t really our ‘gig’, we love DIY! But we were fortunate to find these and want to pass them on to you! Thanks for all the ongoing feedback and support for the site! We take what each of you have mentioned to heart and work to improve on the site everyday! Please continue to communicate with us and show us where we need to improve, what’s working and what would be awesome! Have a great weekend!