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More Samples, Prototypes, Reference Amps Added to our Used Category!

Hi Guys!

I just added another handful of amps to the used category!  Some of these are realllly cool!  They sound and play great less one that we didn’t bother plugging in after not knowing the power supply needs.  There’s a range of gear, mostly unknown, but still very cool.  Some good deals and some items we’re looking for offers on!  Check it out!!

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New Shells and Power Transformers Now Up!

Hi Guys,

We’ve been really focused on getting the warehouse cleaned up and organized while staying up on order! There’s been some miscellaneous snafoos with shipping but it seems (fingers crossed) like some of the logistical errors and missing items, are beginning to subside. Please keep communicating with us if you see anything strange! One of the things we’re working on now is ‘fatal errors’ in the cart, we believe this may be a browser issue competing with our shipping app. We’re hoping for an update from the developers next week to resolve the issue. In the meantime, we’ve been able to process manual orders either via paypal or over the phone on items that are having this problem. Feel free to contact us if you see this error pop up so we can report it!

We just listed some new guitar shells (LPj’s/Specials) in Alpine White and Sunburst! We also found a few more of the sonic blue and Orange shells!!

We just listed a bunch of Power transformers we’ve been able to organize! These are known working and Just $5! That’s a lot of heavy metal for a great price!!

Stay tuned for our video we promised this last week. We did not realize how long it is!!! The editing is taking some time. It is a priority and I hope to have it out early next week!

Thanks for all the ongoing support guys! Looking forward to getting some really cool new listings up soon too!

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Bridge Posts, Inventory Replenishments, A Upcoming Video, And Another Buy

Hi Guys!

Lots of stuff goin on here at the shop and we wanted to get you updated.

All orders from the weekend are now ready to be dropped at shipping! There was an order frenzy and at the end of last week, two very large orders that came in that kind of slowed things a bit, but we’re back on track. Hey, Monday is good for something, I guess! We’ve brought in another person to help with shipping on the weekends now too, so hopefully orders will always be turbo fast! We’re noticing that our new shipping software, while awesome, is NOT sending out automated updates for tracking information. Several of you have messaged us asking for an update; we’re working on resolving this issue now.

Many of you may not have received bridge posts when you ordered your bridge! This was brought to our attention this afternoon looks to be an error in mixing up what a couple of the listings say. Therefore, if you ordered a kit or a bridge individually, and did not receive posts, please let us know right away, and we’ll send you a set at no charge!

We were able to replenish the VHT 18W Head, this one is fully functional and has a bezel! We found another Orange LPj with binding! This one does not have frets, but it is beautiful! We replenished our fret wire and sunburst shells! This week, we are reorganizing our container in preparation for another delivery, so we’re hoping to see the rest of what our last buyout has in store!

Hopefully you got to see our video on repairing a fractured neck from one of our guitars in our Luthier’s Corner Category! We’ve decided to keep working on it! We’re going to release our video tomorrow that shows how We like to install and dress frets on these guitars! This is all in real time, so be prepared for a longer sit down with us, but should be well worth it!!

I mentioned another buyout coming in! Yes! We have guitars and guitar parts primarily coming in on this next round and they’re of more notable brand name!! We’re hoping to have another cache of guitars available soon too, like we did this weekend! Stay tuned guys! Gonna be a busy year!

Thanks for all the ongoing support as always!!

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We’re Going to Announce Our First Sweepstakes Today!

Hi Everyone!

Later today (03/02/2017), we’re going to announce our sweepstakes!  You’ll be able to find the information on Youtube!!

There will be more additions to our Used Amps and Luthier’s Corner!

We have corrected shipping quotes for more items in our cabinet section (Thanks Jimmy!).  Our shipping system just got an upgrade as well, so order should be going out even faster!

Another product review will be up later today as well, with a new promo code!

Thanks for all the ongoing support guys, we really appreciate it!!!!


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New Heads and a Speaker Posted!

Hi Guys!

Just a little note that we added three heads today!  They are the 18W and 36W Standard series by VHT!  We keep finding these hiding in different parts of the container!  They all work, two are new!  Some variances in voltages!  Heads Up!  You can make offers on all of these!

We also found a Celestion G12 Vintage 30!  We’re hoping we’ll find more but we listed what we have at the moment!  Stay tuned for more heads and parts through the week!

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We’re On Youtube!

Hey Guys!

Subscribe to the Youtube Channel here:

On this channel, we’re getting ready to upload our how-to’s and product reviews made fresh as the gear comes in! It’d be a good idea to subscribe! We’re going to be dropping in daily promo codes in each video good for the day ONLY! Plus you’ll be able to see some of the items we sell more closely and clearly! We’ve got faces for radio, but the deals on the gear will hopefully make up for it!

Just a side note that we’re continuing to fine comb our shipping weights and dimensions to get the best pricing possible from here to the other side of the country! Check back on items that may have been too expensive to ship before! If it still doesn’t seem right, message us directly! We’ll confirm or make the adjustment for you through email!