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This just in!

We aquired a small cache of Boss and Roland gear, Sealed, In the Box! Pedals and Amps! Guys! This is the real deal! Check our categories! This stuff is never used, purchased from a small business no longer focusing on the brand and this was left over inventory! AWESOME! Super Incentives and prices You Will Not Find Anywhere! A Unique opportunity on some great products! It’s what we do here! Check out the pedals and amps categories! Incentives automatically added at checkout!!!

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Shipping and Packing Materials Are Arriving Tomorrow! 02/17/2017

Hi Everyone,

You’ve been getting some funky looking packages for sure! Hopefully, they’ve arrived in tact, but we’re aware that one so far has not! We’ve gotten confirmation that our packaging materials will be landing tomorrow! This is just in time for our sale weekend and we’re very happy to hear it! From now on, our packaging will be easily identifiable for good reason and packaged with great care to make sure that your great deal arrives as described! Due to this confirmation, we’re going to ship orders out that were made in the last 24 hours Tomorrow! 02/17/2017 so that they’re shipped with our new materials! We apologize for the delay, but get the feeling that you’d rather the packages arrived in clean packaging from here on out! Actually, if you prefer the other way round, just contact us today before 5pm PST and we’ll box and send in the packaging we do have today for you. We do recommend waiting though, if that’s an option!

Thanks for the ongoing feedback and support! Stay tuned for more very special announcements and new listings for this holiday weekend sale!!!

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Sovtek 5Y3 Rectifiers Listed and BOGO Is This Weekend!

We have tons of 5Y3GT Rectifier tubes from Sovtek!  These are great little upgrades for just about any tube amp with tube rectification!  We just listed them and hope you enjoy!

Starting Friday Morning EARLY we are starting a President’s Day Sale that will go All the way to the end of the following Sunday!  This sale will include BOGO items!  Are you on our mailing list??  Followed us on social media?  Sign up and get the shortcuts to guitar bundles, amp bundles, buy one get one and more!  We are accepting offers now and will be responding quickly to offers over the weekend!  Also, Dave is picking out the B-Day list of super duper deep discounts to celebrate!  That list is available only on our email list!  Want to sign up?  Just drop us a note before Friday so you don’t miss it!


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‘Make an Offer’ Category Now Live and Populated!

Hi Everyone,

We just put up a ‘Make an Offer’ Category here:

This is a special category where you can send us an offer on some of our best products available!  Simply click on the ‘Make Offer’ Button next to the item, punch in an offer and your contact info (if you’re not a registered member, already) and we’ll consider and get back to you right away!  Try it out, and don’t be shy!  The answer is always ‘No’ when you never ask, right??!

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02/13/2017 Site Updates and More Sales Announcements!

Hi Everyone!

What a great weekend!  It seems like people are really taking to the site, and we’re really glad to see that.  We love a great deal, and we especially love a win/win deal where everyone is happy!  We’re continuing to add product today!  If you ordered over the weekend, you should see a tracking number in your inbox in the next couple of hours.  We’re still dealing with a couple minor instances of our USPS shipping option showing up in funny spots where it shouldn’t or is irrelevant.  We’re hoping to have this resolved today, but thus far, all orders that were processed over our sales weekend look to be correct in regard to shipping costs!  Yay!

This is a special month for many reasons.  Black History Month, Presidents Day Holiday, another month closer to Spring, etc!  It’s also Dave’s birthday month!  So we decided to let Dave roam the inventory to hand select items he wants to put on sale with a special promo code.  What would you like him to select?!  Let us know and we’ll put in a good word for you.  The sale will run the weekend of the 24th, but you have to use the promo code that will be published some time before that weekend on our social media!  So keep an eye out, the deals will be bonkers!!

BOGO is Coming!  Right now, we’re combing our lists to check off items that will be going into a new category!  Buy One, Get One!  This feature will apply to almost every category and select items will be added each week!  Watch this category, and your savings, grow!  This is another feature that happens automatically for you at checkout!  Stay tuned for details!

We want to say ‘thank you’ again to everyone for providing critical support and input on the site.  It’s helped so much and we reallly appreciate it.  We continue to work on ongoing priority items, and enhancements to make live up to its mission in every way.  We’re committed to providing the best products and prices for your DIY and Project builds.  We hope that you’ll continue to check back with us, see our progress and provide the feedback that guides us in our efforts!


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Celestion and VHT 12″ Loudspeakers Up!

We just listed a couple of speaker options for everyone!! Very cool, mostly new and very affordable! Find them under the ‘Amp Parts’ Category! Don’t forget! Our sale ends Tomorrow 02/12/2017 at 11:59pm! The sale is in many of our best categories and already applied to your total at checkout! Did you hit our social media yet? There’s additional coupons that can be applied to the sale as well there! Thanks for your continued support and feedback in helping us improve UBuyGuitars! We’re glad that so many ‘Get’ What the site is all about and are finding ways to make use of it!!! This is great, guys! #ubghifive!

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More Shipping Progress

USPS Shipping Options Now Combining As Expected!

We’ve Had a few people chime in to let us know that combined shipping was not happening on checkout! You probably didn’t notice this if you were only purchasing one item, and it has now processed correctly. We have since corrected the issue for the USPS shipping option but are still working on the UPS side! We hope to have this issue resolved later today! Please consider this during checkout and know that we’re actively working to resolve the issue!