USPS Rates Back Up Some Items Still In Process

Hey All,

We’re still working on the transition to the new site overhaul, and it’s not a perfect science as many of you are aware!  We’re working diligently to get the site back to the functionality it had prior.  We were able to get the USPS API back up working with the vendor over the weekend, however there are still some various issues we’re getting reports of regarding ‘Fatal Errors’ in some of the categories with some of the larger items.  We are working to resolve this now, but the rest of the site seems to be okay.  If you experience this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us!  We want to know and can still process orders with ‘Fatal Errors’ Manually if needed.  In addition, since we’re digging through all of this now, this would be a great time to bring some suggestions for functionality you’d like to see on the site!

Thanks for all of the ongoing support!  It means the world to us and we’ve really enjoyed working with everyone on making UBuyGuitars a great site for everyone to enjoy!  Oh, and HAPPY EASTER!!

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