• Pop up picture viewer is hard to use on an iPhone. When you try to enlarge window, it drops off the iPhone screen and does not let you zoom in like you can with regular photos.

    • Hi Michael!

      Thanks for the heads up. Is this happening just on one item, or in general? I am forwarding to our web dev now as well. Thanks again!

      • All photo pop up screens. It opens as a small box on my iPhone screen, but the moment I stretch it to enlarge the image, the pop up photo drops off the screen.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for the heads up. I tested on my again and I can see what you’re talking about. I’m playing with different ways for pics to pop up now!

      • Some of your items have photos that pop up and expand correctly, while others don’t. I finally saved a few photos of items I was interested in and then was able to enlarge then from my camera roll. That works!

        • Hi Michael! Yes, I think we’re getting it settled now. Some images may not work until they’re re shot, but I’m glad you found a way round it! We really appreciate this being brought to our attention since we’re a new site and all. I wanted to give you this code that’s good until the end of the month as a little gesture for the help! MICHAELHELPED99. Thanks and please provide feedback on performance as you see fit! We can use all the help we can get!

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