Hi All!


Apologies for the quiet lately.  We’ve been busy here at the shop and are working up some cool releases hopefully in the next month or so.  I can say that we’ll have a nice cache of guitar wood available soon!  1 Pc bodies in mahogany and others!  We’re also working on another buy that has been taking a long time.  I’m hoping that it will be wrapped up soon!  We’ve been doing blowouts on some of our cabinets and larger items here in California locally.  If there’s anything you’ve been looking at that seemed heavy on shipping.  Make us an offer, we’re trying to clear up as much space as possible for the next load in!  I’ll provide some more details when the dust settles.  There will be coupons, oh the coupons, coupons everywhere!  If you have a moment, we’re looking for feedback on a guitar designer that we’re working up for the JHG line of guitars : http://jameshoodcustomguitar.com/  Just click on the banner when you land.  I’d love everyones CRITICAL feedback on how it’s going.  This isn’t a launch, but we’re getting close.  Thanks for all of the support and ‘Hello!’ to those that have been checking in for updates.  I’m hoping to have a little more ‘meat’ for everyone here soon!

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