This Week! Select Item Sales Category, Luthier’s Only Category, Final Price Items

Happy Monday Y’all!

A Couple Items for this Week You May Wanna Check Out:

Select Item Sales Category – This category is all the items we have in bulk that we want to periodically run sales on to make more room for stuff! These are hand picked, but will be in its own section so the items are easy to find and checkout with.

Luthier’s Only Category – This category is for the builders and craftsmen out there. These are guitar components that need some TLC. Broken necks, chips, bad paint, etc. The prices will be liberating! All high quality materials at a drastic discount!

Final Price Items – We’re making a new category for items that are toward the end of our quantities that will likely not be replenished! Kind of a blowout to end all blowouts section of the site!

Check back in for new product additions as well! We’ll be adding new inventory everyday this week!

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