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The ‘Easter Eggs’ Are Coming…

Hi All!

This is a preview of our first ever ‘Easter Egg’ Promotion!  Yes those stinky little projectiles have virtualized into our site and we thought it might be kind of fun to try a promotion with the holiday and all.  I’ll just say now that you have to be in our mailing list to play!  If you haven’t yet, sign up!  We don’t send out too much email and when we do, there’s always an incentive!  So if you’ve shopped with us, or haven’t yet, and don’t have a coupon or would like to play, go for it!

In the next couple of days, we’ll be sending out an email with ‘Easter Eggs’… well sorta.  They’re codes that are good for specific items on the site!  Everyone gets the same ‘Eggs’ and the goal is to match those eggs with the right product for a sweet discount!  The ‘Eggs’ Only work with their match, so you have to ‘search’ for the right item to make it work!  Once the ‘Egg’ is used in checkout, it’s gone!  There’s no multiples of each ‘Easter Egg’, so first come first serve!

Additionally, these ‘Eggs’ are only good through Sunday, April 16th, 2017.  So if you’ve been eyeballin’ some of our listings, this will be the perfect time to take advantage.  Spread the word and standby, the ‘Easter Eggs’ are Coming!

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