Sovtek 5Y3 Rectifiers Listed and BOGO Is This Weekend!

We have tons of 5Y3GT Rectifier tubes from Sovtek!  These are great little upgrades for just about any tube amp with tube rectification!  We just listed them and hope you enjoy!

Starting Friday Morning EARLY we are starting a President’s Day Sale that will go All the way to the end of the following Sunday!  This sale will include BOGO items!  Are you on our mailing list??  Followed us on social media?  Sign up and get the shortcuts to guitar bundles, amp bundles, buy one get one and more!  We are accepting offers now and will be responding quickly to offers over the weekend!  Also, Dave is picking out the B-Day list of super duper deep discounts to celebrate!  That list is available only on our email list!  Want to sign up?  Just drop us a note before Friday so you don’t miss it!



  • i’m on your email list but i’ve not received anything.
    also, have you found the mercury magnetics PT and OT for the 5e3 build? i got the chassis/faceplate a while back and i’m hoping to get started soon.
    i’d like to get the 5y3 bogo deal but thought i’d check into the trannys first so i can possibly combine them into one package.
    mike butler

    • Hi Michael!

      The MM Trans I have for Power is FTDP and for output is FTDO-59. They’ve been previously installed but work and would sell both as a set for $119! If you would like to proceed, just email us through our contact for and include your shipping address for a final quote. I’d list them but afraid that they may get snatched before you saw them and I wanted you to have first shot! Other transformers going up later today! Sorry for the delay getting back to you!

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