Shipping Incentives Inbound!

Hey Guys!

We’ve been doing a lot better with accurate shipping quotes and are glad that those issues are starting to calm down. We’ve had to pull back a lot of our larger items though still, just because the shipping dwarfs the cost of the item anyway, and makes it seem unaffordable. Well, we got a call from UPS today, and they want to help with making the bigger stuff easier to ship after seeing a big decrease on our end in requests for oversized packages!

In the next week we hope to be able to give you the heads up on what gets a bonus incentive on shipping costs for oversized items and hopefully, we can get the big stuff loaded back on to the site, even some stuff you’ve never seen before! Also, the items that are pretty pricey for shipping now, may ultimately go down in price (oversized only) in the next week or so, so check back! I hope to have a formal announcement and all of our shipping indexes updated very soon!


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