Shipping and Packing Materials Are Arriving Tomorrow! 02/17/2017

Hi Everyone,

You’ve been getting some funky looking packages for sure! Hopefully, they’ve arrived in tact, but we’re aware that one so far has not! We’ve gotten confirmation that our packaging materials will be landing tomorrow! This is just in time for our sale weekend and we’re very happy to hear it! From now on, our packaging will be easily identifiable for good reason and packaged with great care to make sure that your great deal arrives as described! Due to this confirmation, we’re going to ship orders out that were made in the last 24 hours Tomorrow! 02/17/2017 so that they’re shipped with our new materials! We apologize for the delay, but get the feeling that you’d rather the packages arrived in clean packaging from here on out! Actually, if you prefer the other way round, just contact us today before 5pm PST and we’ll box and send in the packaging we do have today for you. We do recommend waiting though, if that’s an option!

Thanks for the ongoing feedback and support! Stay tuned for more very special announcements and new listings for this holiday weekend sale!!!

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