New Shipping Rates for Larger Packages and International Orders Coming + A ‘What’s New’ Category Added!

Hi All!

Just a heads up that somewhere in the middle of next week you should notice some pricing on shipping for larger items and orders outside of the US to drop!  Regular and smaller packages, depending on what and where they go, may decrease as well!  Yay!  Check back as we’ll be adding some of the larger items we’ve shy’d from to the page as well!

Big thanks to Damon for giving a request for ‘What’s New’!  Damon frequents the site and noted that it was annoying to have to sift through all of the listings to see the few things that have been added through the week.  No problem!  We think that’s a great idea!  I just loaded up some partially populated chassis in the new category to celebrate!!

We just did a little price drop on the JR shells in different colors other than brown and red too for those of you that asked if we’d be doing a sale!

Thanks for all the support and feedback!  We really appreciate it!  Stay tuned for new listings!!

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