New Shells and Power Transformers Now Up!

Hi Guys,

We’ve been really focused on getting the warehouse cleaned up and organized while staying up on order! There’s been some miscellaneous snafoos with shipping but it seems (fingers crossed) like some of the logistical errors and missing items, are beginning to subside. Please keep communicating with us if you see anything strange! One of the things we’re working on now is ‘fatal errors’ in the cart, we believe this may be a browser issue competing with our shipping app. We’re hoping for an update from the developers next week to resolve the issue. In the meantime, we’ve been able to process manual orders either via paypal or over the phone on items that are having this problem. Feel free to contact us if you see this error pop up so we can report it!

We just listed some new guitar shells (LPj’s/Specials) in Alpine White and Sunburst! We also found a few more of the sonic blue and Orange shells!!

We just listed a bunch of Power transformers we’ve been able to organize! These are known working and Just $5! That’s a lot of heavy metal for a great price!!

Stay tuned for our video we promised this last week. We did not realize how long it is!!! The editing is taking some time. It is a priority and I hope to have it out early next week!

Thanks for all the ongoing support guys! Looking forward to getting some really cool new listings up soon too!


  • Cool stuff! I’ve been wondering if you guys got swallowed up in an warehouse avalanche! It’s good to see you back on the beat. Rock on!

    • Oh ya man! We’ve been doin some big moving around to get ready for things to come. We still have plenty of work to do, but it got a little crazy there for sure!

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