New Luthier’s Corner Update!

Hi All!

I went ahead and added more of the projecty stuff to the luthier category.  It seemed like you guys enjoyed the listings and I have a few more I can post, so I did!  These are mostly shells, but there’s some strat bodies in there too.  The strat bodies are all alder wood and the neck joint fits a US neck nicely at the heel.  Good super strat material and most of the bodies are barely over 3.5#!  They’ve been sitting for years based on some of the tags we found!  The shells are of the LP’s and the LPj’s we sell and those are all mahogany.  They range in price and complexity to get back on track.  I tried to add the listings a little different this time focusing and rating each guitar more on skill level than anything else; the ratio ended up being ‘the more complex, the cheaper’.   All have the exact same specs and if you look closely at each one, some even have frets installed already, a little bonus easter egg!

More site updates are happening through the day.  I hope the ease of the site is starting to return… even if slowly!  There are a lot of new features we’re testing now and we hope that you will enjoy them as we roll them out throughout the rest of the year.  I really appreciate all of the communication through the process!  We’re really happy to working with you guys and take the feedback seriously.  We want to make sure the site and your experience with it on and offline is a fun one! Keep it coming!

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