New Look, and a Surge From the Past!

Hi Everyone!

Well… whaddya think?  We changed a few things up again (personality crisis)!  The previous site update wasn’t too awesome to navigate and we have some additional variable product items that will probably just make that worse, so we decided to change it up!  Hopefully now you can easily click quickly through the different categories without too much redundancy or actual items missing and get through checkout a little easier.  We, of course, truly appreciate any feedback you may have about the changes and we will implement them in the next update or sooner!

Soooooooo, we were cleaning up again and found more stuff.  Haha!  For some that have actually been to our spot, you can understand!  One box with no name on it looks kinda like the other one after awhile.  We found a few more transformers!  These are the 12W 5E3 Beauties from AXL that have universal voltage in’s!  New, in the box!  There’s only a few, but we’ll pop those up in the next couple days!  Also found some no name, ‘no idea’ power transformers but they still look verrrry tuby!  Those will go up as well with full disclosure!

We found a few more shell projects and a handful more of the LPJ inspired AXL shells.  These guitars are all lacking somewhere, damaged or just broken, but definitely fixable!  These are going to be up shortly too!  Those are the all mahogany, set neck designs.  We’re super low on the strat bodies and strat necks.  We had hundreds of them and we’re down to the bottom.  Take advantage while you can on those!  I’m going to add a couple more bodies in distressed white but I think that’s it!

We’re waiting on a couple of things to get delivered before we roll out some nice finished wood billets for necks and bodies!  We’ll have Ash, Alder, Maple and Mahogany as regular stock in one and two piece options.  We’ll also have randomly available fingerboard materials, caps, tops and accent woods as they come available.  If there’s a premier product you’d like to see, let us know.  If I can find it, I’ll make it happen!

We’re waiting for our mounting plates for our wiring harnesses!  Our harnesses will include PRS 2 Knob, Esquire 2 Knob w/3 Way, Tele with switch (plus reverse), Tele thinline (plus reverse), Tele and thinline 4 way (plus reverse), PRS 4 knob, Tele 5way (plus reverse), Strat 5way, Strat Blender, treble bleed, Tele Carbonita, LP, LPJ, P Bass, SG, Tele Deluxe (Plus reverse) among others!  Additionally, we’re excited to announce that you can select between actual pickup sets from Seymour Duncan, Porter and Nordstrand pickups to go along with new wiring harnesses at a great package price.  You’ll also be able to choose which brand of tone cap you prefer and pot resistance for different styles of pickups.  These are easy upgrades made with the best components out there at great prices!

Thanks for the ongoing support.  We really appreciate it!  Lots of good stuff on the horizon!  Stay tuned!


  • It’s definitely much improved, especially now that the mobile version seems to make more sense too. Less is more!

    • Thanks Jimmy! I’m adding some more search menu ability at the moment and checking out an issue with the coupon section! Glad to hear it seems like a better flow though!

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