New Items Listed!

Hi Everyone!

Early Happy Holidays to you all! I wanted to let you know that we just added a few more items in overstock to our list! There’s new cases, tuners, speakers and more all at rock bottom prices! The cases even have a discount for orders of two or more! Jump over to What’s New and check it out!

As always, we are very thankful for your ongoing support of the site while we continue to work on the site and bring more gear, parts, projects, cool guitars, amps and more to you each month. We love feedback! Many of you have made mention of looking for new stock while our surplus from last year is winding down. If you have a moment, let us know what would be good to have more stock of! A Good deal is a good deal, but if there’s things in particular you’re looking for, let us know!

Also! Builders!!! We’ve been working with a CNC machine on our builds for the last several months! As a side note, it might be of benefit to some of you that we are able to produce compound radius fingerboards in just about any configuration! We do not need a neck to work off of in order to build to specification. We need details, a setup fee, material fee and a couple of weeks of turnaround and you will receive a perfectly machined compound radius fingerboard! Message us for inquiries!

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