Negotiated Shipping Rates Now LIVE, New Products Listed, Site Spring Cleaning and Security Update and MORE!

Hi All!

What a month it’s been!  It has been our pleasure to continue to bring you lots of great deals each week and monitor overall performance.  I wanted to stop and update you all on some milestones!

First, we did some ‘Spring Cleaning’ on the site and database side to help enhance site performance in fetch and overall speed.  This is in anticipation of a larger site update that will be happening in the next couple of months!  In doing so, pages are now loading faster, more relevance and accuracy is noticed in the search bar, expired or ‘out of stock’ items have been swept to make room for the new, and some miscellaneous glitches across the different platforms we use are now operating as intended!

One of the biggest enhancements is encryption!  Yes, the entire site is now in HTTPS!  This gives you additional security, as well as additional security for the site itself.  There are several layers of encryption in order to keep the site ‘light weight’ and fast!  Obviously the heaviest updated encryption is in checkout!  So surf freely!  We gotcha covered!

Next, our shipping rates through UPS just went live!  You should see a decent adjustment in shipping costs from here on out!  Yay!  This is particularly handy for larger items and shipping internationally!  To our friends abroad, Hello!  I’d like to personally welcome our customers from Australia!  They have been ordering from us directly as we were unable to advertise rates directly to the Continent.  Now, Australian customers can view shipping quotes freely, direct to their front door!

In light of these recent discounts being added to the site, we went ahead and Loaded the bigger gear back onto the site.  Annnnnd there’s quite a bit!  We’ve added about half of the products available to get started.  We’ve put all of these products under the ‘What’s New’ Section as well as their respective categories, and many of them are included in our ‘Make an Offer’ Category as well!  We wanna move this gear as soon as possible!  No reasonable offer will be refused!  Try us, I dare ya!

That’s all for now!  Thanks for all of the support and ongoing feedback.  Some of you should be or have received ‘review’ emails from us about products you’ve purchased in the past!  Those links should work now, and I encourage you to use them if possible so other users can see your experience with the products you buy from the site!  Additionally, with all of these updates, there’s bound to be an issue or two, a dead link, 500 error, etc.  Please let us know!  We want to know what we’re missing and are really grateful for all of the awesome feedback thus far!


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