Mystery Transformers and BBE Later Today

Hi All!

Hope you’re enjoying our new BOGO and Packages categories. They’re a little sparse at the moment but rest assured, these categories will continue to grow as we continue to find more and more and more and more! Our pedal and amps collection is starting to fill out nicely with the recent purchase made last week! We’re working on finalizing another great buyout to complete hopefully by March. It’s a big one! Stay tuned!

For today, were uploading some 12w and 36w transformers that were previously installed into something at some point…haha! We see that these transformers are functioning, have heater wire and the 36w units we’ve found are universal voltage units!

We also have some str8 up mystery transformers. We presume they are for tube amps based on leads and the nature of the buy, but that’s for you to find out! $5? Let’s do it! Ships fast in our new and improved packaging and no more bent ‘feet’!

We found a little load of BBE products that are working and practically new that were going to pop up today as well! New and working isn’t really our ‘gig’, we love DIY! But we were fortunate to find these and want to pass them on to you! Thanks for all the ongoing feedback and support for the site! We take what each of you have mentioned to heart and work to improve on the site everyday! Please continue to communicate with us and show us where we need to improve, what’s working and what would be awesome! Have a great weekend!

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