More Shipping Bugs Resolved and More Inventory Up!

Hi Guys,

I want to say thanks to everyone for keeping up with us on shipping bugs that pop up seemingly at random around different parts of the site!  It’s really a big help, so if you see something, message us!  Some stuff is heavy and big and just expensive to ship, but the little stuff should be fairly economical to ship just about anywhere.  Anyway, we completed some testing after making adjustments over the weekend and things seem to be functioning as intended.

Pedals and transformers went up finally as well!  Check those out!  Pulled transformers are starting at $4.99!  Pretty nice for DIY!  We also added the BBE Acoustimax Pedals to our list as well!  Stay tuned this week for more gear getting loaded up as we continue to break down pallets!

We went ahead and made some improvements to the menu area of the front page and organized the categories down a little more to help with some of the departments that go on for pages and pages.  Hopefully this will help you find what you’re looking for faster!  We’re working on our tags as well to make the search bar better functioning as well.  Let us know if there are other areas we should pay attention to!  We’re still working on photos for mobile and zoom in, but that should be corrected shortly!

Have a great week!

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