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Luthier’s Corner Stocked, More Transformers and a New Project!

Hi All!

We’ve been a little distracted here at the shop… James and I started building our own guitars this year and we kinda had a flood of orders come in last month!  This week, a lot of time was dedicated to getting the guitars to finish ready, and I am VERY happy to say, the painter picked them up today!  Yay!  Working on guitars is definitely a labor of love.  There’s no short cuts and you either do it right, or it’s wrong.  It can be a frustrating course in wood working for the beginner.  Tooling is a big part of it, application is definitely the other.  There are all sorts of pesky instances that can add to the work load for one guitar.  This week we had to get 5 instruments ready for some bigger names in Country music and the instruments did not disappoint in creating all sorts of issues.

Aside from the usual ‘rider’ of celeb specifications, one order had an ‘F Hole’, one an over sized ‘C’ neck, another with radius variances and another with funky bridge specs.  Each completed stage is determined on the success of the one prior in building instruments.  In one example, after rough shaping, we realized there were cracks in the stock… we had to start over.  That’s frustrating when you don’t take the time to better examine the raw stock you’re using!  You can always fill cracks, but for us, and this being our second run, we wanted the instruments to be pretty flawless.  Now we spend a little more time with stock to make sure there are no flaws.  It’s a learning experience, even after a decade…

In just a couple of months, our shop has turned into a jungle routers, band saws, sanders, jigs, templates and more.  Without these basics, the job is pretty daunting.  With these basics, I guess the job is still pretty daunting!  haha!  Anyway, checkout www.jameshoodcustomguitar.com to see the models we’re making.  We’re finishing up a new LP design, a telecaster and a strat that will be out this summer.  Let us know what you think of the designs!  We’re pretty critical and want to build things that are worth while in the eyes of the people that play them, not just ourselves!  We’ll be uploading videos to Youtube showing the shop and how we cut shapes and the steps we take to make our lives a little easier in the process.  Stay tuned for the next episode of our Luthier’s Corner build too!  Speaking of which…

We loaded up our Luthier’s Corner Section with a bunch of new shells that need repair!  They’re all in different stages and have an array of pricing, so if you want a big project, or just want to do some basic fill and finish work, we gotcha covered!  These shells are a really rewarding experience to fix next to cost.  When done well, they play great and the materials used are nice!  Check out the category to see the new listings!  I know a few of you were hoping for some updates in this section, so here ya go!

We found a few more transformers!  Specifically, quantities of the 18W 120V units!  Those and a couple other Voltage options are now back in the ‘Transformers’ Category!  When these are gone, they’re gone.  We’re starting to wind down on our previous buys in inventory and are making room for new inventory hopefully soon to arrive!

The Nevin Audio boards have been doing great!  Big thanks to everyone that has ordered thus far.  They’re all shipped and we’re hoping to hear back on what YOU think they sound like, and how they perform!  We want to expand the offering to other Wattage and tube compliments.  We’re definitely going to do a ‘Bassman’ AB165 and at least a 18W design.  What other boards would you like to see?  We’re going to start working up plans for some Class D table top amps hopefully available before the end of the year too.  We’d love to hear your input on that as well!

Thanks so much for all of the support and feedback on the site!  We’re getting ready for the big overhaul on the site which will hopefully coincide with new inventory being put up!  Stay tuned for more detail on that and we’ll see you back here at UBuyGuitars.com!

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