It’s The Last Day of Our 10/10 Sale Weekend!

You guys are awesome! It seems like you dig this sale a lot and we’re stoked to see that! Take the rest of the day to shop and checkout on your preferred items! We’ll plan to do another sale like this in the future!

Sneak Peak to Next Week! 36W EL84 Head Chassis, Partially Completed VHT Standard 36 heads (NEW), Mahogany Les Paul Two Color Burst Shells, Two Color Burst Strat Bodies, More Amp Prototypes for Parts and Working, B stock surplus amps, Introducing ‘Bags of Tubes’ – mystery stock piles of tubes for the serious builder/designer!, and more!

Thanks for all the support guys! We’re taking your feedback and adding improvements to the site everyday! Double check shipping rates as well on items that may have seemed too pricey in the past! We’ve updated a lot of custom box and shipping options now that we have our own packaging to help bring costs down to reality!

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