Harnesses Added (A Little Early :))

Hi Everyone,

A few orders came through with regard to the wrong packaging (ie guitars can’t fit in an envelope!) for some of you and we were able to help individually.  Now I think the issue has been resolved as some packaging options were enabled after the update as default.  Hopefully this sticks and the shipping plugin will calm for a spell!

A few people emailed about the Tele wiring harnesses specifically, and what they would entail.  We’re still waiting on our plates the harnesses will be mounted on, but I went ahead and added the product so you can see what types of options we’re offering!  If you’re inclined, you can check out with the product, but we won’t likely be shipping for the next couple of weeks!  I’ll be adding the options for strat, Lp’s, and others (even a couple unusual drop ins!) shortly!

Thanks again for all the support, we really appreciate it and any feedback is very much appreciated while we continue to make the site a little better, a step at a time!

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