10/10 Sales Weekend Starting Now! Plus New Products and Vintagy Pulls; Site Updates

Hi All!

Site Updates:

VERY IMPORTANT: It has been brought to our attention that when ordering multiple packages, the ‘packages’ part, in regard to quantity, doesn’t show up! So if you order two guitar packages, only one set of ‘package’ parts shows up in the rest of the cart. Make sense? No, it doesn’t. This is a new issue we’re working on now. HOWEVER, the proper quantities DO show up on our packing list orders. Also, we’ve talked as a team and all are aware that each shell has some sort of package associated with it, so unless the customer gives explicit instructions NOT to ship the extras, we assume that regardless of quantities listed, guitar packages go out based on gross order quantity and not individual quantities.

This Weekend Sale!

Our first ever 10/10 Sale is here, Starting NOW! Yay! How does it work, you ask?! Spend $10 on the site and save 10%! Good for up to $100!! Order $250 worth of stuff, save $25 right off the top! How cool is that?! There’s NO code to enter or anything! The credit is automatically applied to your cart at checkout!

New Products Added

We just added some oddball, one off items and people are already picking them up! Shop through guitar and amp parts, bodies and more sections of the site to find some pretty cool pickups and bridge deals!

We Need Your Feedback!

We just did a slight site update, just to get the categories displayed a little better while you shop. Be advised that there will be a bigger update in the coming weeks to prepare for another shipment and streamline inventory and order entry options! Please let us know what you think of the site improvements and if there are any ‘bugs’ or issues with the site! Thanks for all of the support guys! Enjoy the sale this weekend and Stay tuned as we continue to add more gear to the end of the month!

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