10 Things You Should Know About UBG Right Now, Updates, … So Many Updates

Hi All!

I wanted to take a couple of moments to catch up.

1. James Hood Guitar, JHG, JHCG and any other project associated with James Hood has NOTHING to do with us, we are no longer affiliated in anyway, shape or form.

All matters associated with our previous structure our now being finalized and the books are closed as of Dec. 31st, 2017. We ARE still a MRS company (Music Retail Solutions, LLC). Any inquiries regarding JHG and JHCG products and services can be answered at jameshoodguitar.com.

2. Our ownership has changed.

James Hood is no longer a partner of MRS. MRS is owned solely by David Nevin.

3. We are in the process of moving.

The business has been in a shipping container for almost two months and we just found a new space to move into. I am very excited, to say the least. Onsite, we’ll be stocking, photographing and playing with all the new goodies we bring in. We’ll also be providing guitar and amp services, as well as offering private label products for sale! It’s a new day! Be prepared for the ridiculous, the cheezy, shipping candy, and random product testers delivered directly to you for feedback, giveaways and contests.

4. Everything is still a little upside down….

maybe a lot upside down. But I’ve been putting aside inventory and confirming totals on the site, so things are starting to come back online. What you see on the site today is correct. From here on out, it’ll stay that way. Ever since we started, things were a little a’loof. I think it was a mixture of several things; the direction of the business is very clear now. Count on UBG, going forward, to respond quickly, ship correctly and be there after the sale in any way possible.

5. The site has been reconfigured

… again. The aim is for faster load times, but familiar search through the database. Hopefully this is a positive thing (please let me know how I am doing!). The goal is (as always) to get you to what you came for, as soon as possible. If there’s something holding up the show; don’t hold back. I wanna know what’s going on!

6. Inventory updates are very slow, and they will continue to be until everything is set back up (sorry!).

The only genuine inventor update I can think of that’s pressing, is the body blanks we bought at the beginning of the year. Each one will be pictured so that you get exactly what you saw in the photo. I am also installing some devices for QA (quality assurance) that will ensure the wood is properly dried and ready to be acclimated to your environment, true, and even thickness so start up time for your project is minimal on delivery.

7. 3 Way toggles are coming!

There’s OG 5ways on the horizon too, as well as some private label stuff coming soon! There’s some really cool ideas too that I’m hoping will materialize here, to show you guys, soon. The next few years are going to be a lot of fun, especially with the evolution of music, the way its being played across all instruments, and the youth starting to write again! (tangent, but meaningful!)

8. Paypal is the only checkout service we have at the moment.

I have an issue with our current hosting service right now that has us hostage until I get a call back from another hosting group to confirm. I want to migrate away from our current hosting service (which has been the bane of us since day one), but am being warned of down times exceeding a week. This has to do with our SSL expiring at the beginning of the year, and our current provider basically snubbing any other SSL cert other than the one (pricey) they provide. I hope this is resolved in the next week. In checkout, as it is now, you can still use a CC with Paypal, but it will bump you to a different screen, just a heads up.

9. I am still accepting 3rd party shipping labels, and quoting shipping through direct email inquiries!

If you can get it there cheaper, don’t hesitate to let me know! Select ‘local pickup’ at checkout, and email me your shipping label! At this time, I still only use USPS for shipping. International shipping is still available on request.

10. and most Important: ‘Thank you’

So many of you reached out while we went through this transition to ask if we were okay, well wishing, etc. It meant the world. The past several weeks have been challenging, your encouragement is very much appreciated, and was put to the best use possible.

James and I are on good terms. We separated at the beginning of the year just simply due to an overload of work and being pulled in too many directions simultaneously. I wish James the best and know that he’ll continue to work vigorously in service and repair, and certainly beyond, going forward.

UBuyGuitars.com will be entering into a new era in 2018 with renewed goals of bringing new opportunities to you at Disruptive discounts, maintaining high response times for customer inquiries, striving for most excellent customer service, and improving our shipping and checkout to make things as cost effective, and FAST as possible.

Again, I appreciate all of the inquiries and feedback on the site. As this is another update, I appreciate any initial reactions to the site, it’s performance, any particular issues or broken pages, or just whether you like the feel or not!

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