02/13/2017 Site Updates and More Sales Announcements!

Hi Everyone!

What a great weekend!  It seems like people are really taking to the site, and we’re really glad to see that.  We love a great deal, and we especially love a win/win deal where everyone is happy!  We’re continuing to add product today!  If you ordered over the weekend, you should see a tracking number in your inbox in the next couple of hours.  We’re still dealing with a couple minor instances of our USPS shipping option showing up in funny spots where it shouldn’t or is irrelevant.  We’re hoping to have this resolved today, but thus far, all orders that were processed over our sales weekend look to be correct in regard to shipping costs!  Yay!

This is a special month for many reasons.  Black History Month, Presidents Day Holiday, another month closer to Spring, etc!  It’s also Dave’s birthday month!  So we decided to let Dave roam the inventory to hand select items he wants to put on sale with a special promo code.  What would you like him to select?!  Let us know and we’ll put in a good word for you.  The sale will run the weekend of the 24th, but you have to use the promo code that will be published some time before that weekend on our social media!  So keep an eye out, the deals will be bonkers!!

BOGO is Coming!  Right now, we’re combing our lists to check off items that will be going into a new category!  Buy One, Get One!  This feature will apply to almost every category and select items will be added each week!  Watch this category, and your savings, grow!  This is another feature that happens automatically for you at checkout!  Stay tuned for details!

We want to say ‘thank you’ again to everyone for providing critical support and input on the site.  It’s helped so much and we reallly appreciate it.  We continue to work on ongoing priority items, and enhancements to make UBuyGuitars.com live up to its mission in every way.  We’re committed to providing the best products and prices for your DIY and Project builds.  We hope that you’ll continue to check back with us, see our progress and provide the feedback that guides us in our efforts!


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